Legal Recruitment

Associates and Counsel

At Mestel & Company, we fully understand the unique career needs, aspirations, and challenges of attorneys.  Young associates might want more specialization or hands-on experience.  Mid-level and senior associates may seek greater partnership potential.  Seasoned attorneys and of counsel may be facing decisions with significant personal and professional consequences.  Culture, lifestyle, location, compensation, and career mobility are among some of the key considerations.

Our clients include the Am Law 100-200, regional, and local firms as well as small boutiques with unique specialties.  With our superior network of legal contacts and extensive jobs database, we have access to the most exciting and suitable opportunities in the market.  As part of our research process, we meet frequently with clients, including key leaders, to stay up-to-date on their staffing needs, serve as their respected advisor, and keep our attorneys informed.  Before each interview, we thoroughly brief attorneys to best position them for a productive conversation.  Throughout the interview process, we assist each attorney with maximizing their individual options and learning about potential opportunities.  We build long-lasting relationships with associates and counsel as they traverse their career path by providing market insight, sound advice, and promising opportunities for long-term career advancement and personal satisfaction.

In-House Counsel

Mestel & Company guides attorneys who seek to explore a career as in-house counsel. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies, hedge funds, and private equity companies to start-ups, established internet companies, and nonprofits. With our superior network of legal contacts and extensive jobs database, we are able to access the most exciting and suitable opportunities available in the market. We also help attorneys analyze each opportunity, considering important factors such as practice development, economics, culture, lifestyle, and location to make sure a potential move is strategic and beneficial for an individual’s career projection. Our top priority is to keep attorneys well-informed, carefully counsel them at every step of their career transition, and help them make career decisions that align with their long-term professional and personal goals.

At Mestel & Company, we highly value every relationship with our attorneys and are fully committed to their success at all stages of the process. It is important for us to know that our attorneys are satisfied with their career choices over the long-term. To continue strengthening our relationships, we remain in contact with our attorneys to periodically evaluate the progress of their career track, celebrate milestones, and re-calibrate their goals throughout their professional lifetime.

Partners and Groups

Mestel & Company is proud to be widely known as the foremost trusted and experienced advisor to law firms and partners throughout the U.S. and internationally. We have deep experience in placing individual partners as well as groups of partners and their associate and legal support teams. Our consultants have firsthand experience as attorneys in private and public practice, allowing us to fully understand the pressures partners and law firms face and to address their concerns. We have a national presence in major legal centers across the U.S., coupled with strong professional relationships with key decision makers, giving us access and insight into the most respected law firms.

The legal industry continues its rapid evolution, triggered by changes in the way law firm clients operate their businesses, the nature of their client base, technological advancement, and economic globalization. At Mestel & Company, we thrive on the exciting changes in the industry and view them as opportunities to help partners take the next step in their career – one that will enable them to add significant value to their clients and carve the most strategically advantageous, personally satisfying, and remuneratively rewarding career path.