Thought Leadership

Pen to Paper, Ideas to Action, Present to Future.

Founded in 1987, Mestel & Company is a leader in legal search and recruitment consulting with a prominent legacy and a forward-looking vision. After 30 years of paving the path and providing guidance for legal professionals and law practices across the nation, we are excited to put our pen to paper and share the wisdom we have collected over the years with the legal community.

Thought Leadership Articles
Mestel from the Bench | Meet Our Thought Leaders
Mary Rosenfeld D’Eramo, Esq.

“Helping my candidates rewrite their professional stories is a true passion. The best next chapters are often unanticipated, but are always achieved through thoughtful collaboration and insight.”

Avery Ellis, Esq.

“As a recruiter who aims to help both candidates and clients, I firmly believe that the best deals create significant value on both sides of the table.”

Adrianne Kalyna, Esq.

“After having placed over 100 attorneys, I have deep knowledge of the market and strong insight into the motivations of my candidates. My placements have gone on to achieve their career goals and as a result, recommend my services to their friends and colleagues.”

Howard Parris, Esq.

“Getting to know a candidate and their practice, building a relationship, staying in touch, and when necessary, finding the right firm, is what I do. The greatest satisfaction comes a year later, when they tell me that they are thrilled that things have worked out so well.”

Samuel Roberts, Esq.

“We never forget that the first step in creating a relationship of value for those who seek our commentary, advice, and wisdom is to earn their trust; and we know that we can’t earn that trust unless we keep the interest of those we counsel paramount in the relationship.”