Law Firm Mergers

Mestel & Company has had nearly 30 years of success in identifying and facilitating merger opportunities for law firms of various sizes and geographies. We are widely recognized as a trusted advisor for law firms as they shape their growth and acquisition plans.

Law firm mergers are highly complex transactions that require expert knowledge, experience, and timing. When assessing the viability of a potential merger, we analyze and identify the advantages, cultural compatibility, practice fit, and financial similarity. We know how to structure productive merger discussions by building a concise agenda, drilling down into any red flag issues, and identifying all the upside potential. We understand the pressures and the importance of building a solid practice, department, or firm. Our goal for every merger is to help both sides achieve harmony, mutual benefit, and a balance of risk and reward.

As the legal industry continues its rapid evolution – triggered by changes in the way law firm clients operate their businesses, the nature of their client base, technological advancement, and economic globalization – we thrive on the exciting changes in the industry and view them as strategic growth opportunities for law firms.