Mestel & Company places associates, partners, in-house counsel, and groups of lawyers as well as facilitates complex law firm mergers across the U.S.  Our expertise lies in bringing clients and attorneys together so they can align their goals and achieve outstanding professional results.  We have a 30-year history of placing thousands of attorneys, which is a testament to our reputation and expertise.

Through our disciplined, holistic approach, we dive deep to understand our clients, gathering intelligence on the practice, culture, leadership, personalities, governance, compensation, mentoring, advancement potential, and exit opportunities.  Our sophisticated database and collaborative national team structure allow us to evaluate hundreds of opportunities on a weekly basis and hand-select those that are best suited to each attorney’s aptitudes and priorities, and to each client’s strategic needs.  We know that only informed attorneys and clients are able to make professional decisions with utmost clarity and confidence.

Much of our success is attributed to the wide network we have painstakingly built over the past three decades.  Our esteemed clients include American Lawyer 100-200, regional, and local firms as well as small boutiques with unique specialties, Fortune 100 companies, hedge funds, private equity companies, start-ups, established internet companies, and nonprofits.  It’s Who You Know.